A strategy game conceived from an amazing Famicase design:

Famicase Art by Isaac Wong.

"Developer art"  and development by Stencil Chris for A Game by its Cover 2017 Jam. This game is not complete and will likely remain that way. Will also be submitted for September 2017 #1GAM!

Music by Eric Matyas

Play as our nameless protagonist, a wanderer whose only goal is to reach the top of the Tower of Hunger and find LA CRIMA, a stone fabled to be able to restore light to his world. Your only goal is to ascend the Tower of Hunger by reaching the stairs - kill monsters if you want, but run out of lives and you lose the game. It's a challenging chess-style game!

Click Blue Marker - Move to location
Click Red Marker - Move to location and kill monster
Hover over Monster - View monster range in green
Click yourself - Skip your move

- Click on yourself to skip your move!! Its a very important mechanic, as monsters almost always move on their turn
- You start out with only one life. At a couple key levels you gain an extra life, and if you acrue 100+ monster kills you can trade them in for an extra life next time you start the game.
- Monsters always move on their turn (99% of the time at least) - use that to position them away from you
- Hover over new monsters to learn their movement patterns. This is key for survival.
- You don't have to kill all the monsters to move to the next floor!!



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Nice, very playable! Once you start getting the angels in, you have to start doing some chess-like strategy. My only real complaint is that when you die, you have to go all the way through all the easy levels again, heh...

Thanks for giving it a play! The game is very unforgiving, that is one thing I regret haha