A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Created for Global Game Jam 2018  - Theme: "Transmission"

Your goal is to govern over all planets in the Star System, spreading your empire far and wide. How do we make that happen?

You start out with your Home planet, and some allied planets in the star system. Click on any Ally Planet to begin sending troops. Click on another planet to specify the receiver. You will send 50% of your troops to them every time!

Enemy Planets will be sending troops too, so be careful!  

The catch: You don't know whether the other planets are friend or foe. Unknown Planets are white. They are either Ally or Enemy, but you need to intercept transmissions to known their true nature.

During the game you will intercept transmissions from unknown planets. Click Receive Transmissions button to try to pick up the message!

Play a mini game to send intercepted transmissions from space to your home planet. Make sure you hit the satellite receivers!

Good luck and Godspeed! 


Space Jammers PC Version 28 MB
Space Jammers Mac Version 30 MB

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