An anime/Touhou inspired bullet hell game for those who love Japanese SHMUPs

Story: All forces on earth are governed by a sect of deities in a realm known as Eous. These deities are particularly capricious and are known to cause disasters on a whim. It's the year 202X and the world has fallen into chaos. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are mobilized to bring about the end of days. Why now? Who is pulling the strings? Only Flora and Fauna, the deities of plant and animal life respectively, can quell their destructive nature to give humans another chance at life! 

A lite sequel of the game Saison I made back in 2016. I haven't given myself enough time to fully polish the experience, but as updates are pushed my full vision will be realized. 

[Arrow Keys] - Move
[Z] -Shoot
[X] - Shoot Power shots
[Shift] - Focus shot
[Escape] - Back

Programming, Art and Game Design by stencil chris. 
Music "Intro REMAKE" by Spring
Music "Battle in the Stratosphere" by Scrabbit
Music "Mali and Lugi Vs. Bopple" by Spring
Sound Effect generated in Bfxr
Press [Escape] to return to game 

Powered by Unity | Art created in Gimp and Marmoset Hexels 2 


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