Game created for Secret Santa Jam 2020. I hope you enjoy it, my giftee!

Game synopsis:

You are the KingsMage, a once-per-century chosen knight that acts in the interests of your king until your very last breath.  Your power stems from your ability to squat weights and read magical tomes. You are adept in the sword and magecraft.

King Samuel requests the Jade Necklace of Youth is excised from the ruins of the ancient king's castle. Overrun with monsters and traps to capture grave robbers, you must now enter and do your king's bidding. 

Now go! Your king commands you.


Arrow Keys - Move

Left Shift - Run

Z - Shoot Projectile

X - Use Melee Weapon

A / S - Toggle between projectiles

Install instructions

Play in Browser or download Windows client (Unity Standalone build)


PC 46 MB


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Wow! I really dig the game! Thank you for your gift! I love the metroidvania aspect and the fact that you have a broad range of spells. And the art style is cool as heck. The game feels just really nice to play. I really enjoyed the puzzle aspects too!

I really had a blast playing this! It exceeded all of my expectations :D Congrats! And Merry Christmas to you!

PS: I really enjoyed the squatting as much as in real life! I heartily laughed when I first saw that animation ^^


Cool game! :D I hope the giftee likes it, too :P Nice, simplistic style and a huge amount of different spells for such a short title make it much more enjoyable. The only (though minor) takebacks were some monsters that seemed kinda untested (I'm talking mostly about that fast thing near the glass at the center of the map). And respawning upon dying seemed kinda buggy (and kinda pointless, since the monsters remained damaged when I returned to them), but it was still a good jam thingy ^>^ Really liked the whole roguelike feeling the multitude of items raising your stats a bit gave me.


Thank you for giving my game a try! Excellent feedback, much appreciated :)