Welcome to your first day on the job. I will teach you how to review interstellar sailing videos from beginning to end.

[Click and Drag] on the little white dot to start moving in a trajectory. The sailer will move in that direction, and will be affected by the [Gravitational Pull] of other planets around them.
Press and hold [Z] to increase speed, and [X] to decrease speed. 
Most importantly, press [Space] to [Pause] the video. This will allow you to avoid disasters, and steer the sailer towards another trajectory by [Click and Drag]. Get it?
The [Green Arrow] indicates where the next [Checkpoint Planet] is located. Their goal is to land on the [Checkpoint Planet] every time.
Do NOT under any circumstances crash land on any of the other planets, or stray too far from the [Checkpoint Planet]. 
Every time you do so, you will lose one [Pause]. When the interstellar sailer dies and you have no more [Pauses], it marks the end of their journey.
Best of luck to on your journey.

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Authorstencil chris
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Tags2D, cartjam, Physics, Unity

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