A new take on the classic game SNAKE!

The year is 3017. Human technology has progressed to the point where we play god, in a world where callous creation of life is permitted. It is so commonplace to 3d-print creatures, that children’s games have been made to help the create their very first monstrosity!

GeneNOM (Pronounced “gee-NOM) is the latest kids game that allows YOU to create your first organism! Plays much like the archaic game SNAKE, you must NOM NOM collect nucleotides on the board to build your DNA strand, properly pairing them up into the proper base pairs (G-C and A-T) to create more complex organisms. Once you have a chain long enough, touch the Save icon to input it. Then, create a new DNA strand! The more strands, the more “interesting” your creatures becomes. Some may say that you can create the WORST creature of them 

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