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All forces on earth are governed by a sect of deities in a realm known as Eous. These deities are particularly capricious and are known to cause disasters on a whim.

One day, the Four Seasons themselves turned their back on earth, leading the world to fall into climatic disarray. Flora and Fauna, the deities of plant and animal life are on the case - find the Four Seasons and get to the root of the rebellion!

A love letter to traditionally difficult Japanese SHMUPs, this game was written in the month of December as part of the #1GAM, and potentially a vow to create #onegameamonth in 2017?! Keep in mind this was a game jam game, so try to keep an open mind regarding how some corners were cut :) Potentially updates coming in the next few months.

Powered by Flixel GDX | Art created in Gimp and Marmoset Hexels 2 | Music by Visager | Tracks from "Songs From An Unmade World" and "Songs From An Unmade World 2"


Install instructions

Game packaged as .exe but requires Java.


Saison0.0.6.exe 47 MB